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Application Research

1、Application in sludge dewatering

Herbon polysaccharide sludge dewatering agent can make sludge generate tight flocs and there is no adhesion between flocs. Sludge particles are agglomerated but water molecule is not packed in it. After mechanical dewatering, the separation of sludge and water is thorough which makes a lower water content in sludge and clear filtering liquor. Moreover Herbon polysaccharide sludge dewatering agent is with advantages of good solubility, low viscosity( there is almost no viscosity for 1 solution), low consumption of mixing power etc.. As a kind of bio-product, it is also degradable and environment-friendly. So there is no second pollution and potential harm to environment. It is a really safe and effective sludge dewatering product. 

2、Application in Alumina production process

Herbon polysacchride flocculant can easily catch the fine aluminium hydroxide particles in the overflowing with lower dosage and control it less than 2g/l which reduces load of heat exchanger from the back-flow. It can also improve the culturing of seed crystal during generation of aluminium hydroxide crystal. So when used in production of alumina, it can help increase output, improve quality and save consumption cost.

3、Application in extraction of oil and gas

When used as the main parts in water-base fracturing fluid, it can reduce harm to the reservoir. It can also help increase output of gas and oil and save cost for its environment-friendly property.

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